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Sailor Moon items for sale

SDC11339.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

More in the links Updated with a few new items! As of June 26


I have a few Sailor Moon items for sale. I dont have a price set on anything so you can make an offer. I have feedback here on serasell and on ebay under usagi_usako_chiba. Here are the links to the things I am selling


                       SDC11339.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

                      SDC11338.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

                                 SDC11341.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

Princess Serenity Doll she is clearly not in the right box but I thought I put her in there since she was lose.
Tuxedo Mask Figure


Starlights postcard and paper is sold 

                                     SDC11362.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba    SDC11363.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

Jupiter's Mini Castle missing the 4's and the round ciricle for the top. I believe everything else is there . I bought this at Value Village.     

      SDC11095.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba       

SDC11077.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba  









            SDC11078.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba

                    SDC11079.jpg picture by usagi_usako_chiba   

 Also please check out my wish list here 
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