Rose (kipukuukipii) wrote in garagesalejapan,

oresama, dir en grey stuf, lots more


i have many different items for sale in my journal, and most of my dir en grey collection for sale as well.
please look in my photobucket for photos and descriptionsof all the dir en grey items i am selling

i have just decided i am going to sell my special edition of miyavi's oresama. ive never even played the dvd, it comes in a special box that opens up with the dvd and a photobook inside

front and back


sample pics of inside photobook, and also the front cover

i havent seen another like this since i bought mine.
please make me a reasonable offer ^_~

also please be sure to check my journal for all my other items!!

*ive got half of my cost of the flight to my surgeons appointment saved now! (still only halfway there though u_u)
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