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[Final Fantasy 7: Cloud's Buster Sword necklace]
[Final Fantasy 8: Squall's Lionheart necklace]
[Final Fantasy 7: Vincent's 'Cerebus' necklace]

[$3 Manga]
[Appleseed ('movie' novel based on the manga) by Masamune Shirow]
[Dead End by Shohei Manabe (vol. 1)]
[GON by Masashi Tanaka (vol. 1)]
[High School Girls by Towa Ohshima (vol. 8)]
[JUDAS by Suu Minazuki (vol. 1)]
[KAMUI by Shingo Nanami (vol. 8)]
[My Dearest Devil Princess by Makoto Matsumoto/Maika Netsu (vol. 1)]
[Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 by Ark Performance/Harutoshi Fukui/Ryo Hanmura (vol. 1)]
[the Kurosagi Corpse delivery service (vol. 2)]
[Variante by Iqura Sugimoto (vol. 1)]
[ZERO: The Beginning of the Coffin by Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park (vol. 2)]
[Chikyu Misaki by Iwahara Yuji (vol. 1-2)]
[Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star by Cain Kuga/Hajime Yatate (vol. 1-2)]
[DISGAEA2: Cursed Memories by Hekaton (vol. 1-2
[Reiko the Zombie Shop by Rei Mikamoto (vol. 1-2)]

[J-Fashion related clothes]
[h.Naoto NOIS choker]
[2 Chinese dresses]
[Red Oriental Kimono Robe]
[Algonquins top + hood]
[Gothic Wa-Lolita outfit from LingLam]
[Goth/Punk Lolita skirt + legwarmers from LingLam]

[Strawberry bag]
[Super Dollfie-sized Kimono + Obi + Underdress set]
[Black Gloomy Bear plush]

…And much more!

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