Candy Princess (kisei_prophet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Candy Princess

I can accept all forms of paypal, checks, and money orders.
I can ship internationally.
My item comes from a home with cats.
The coat is used but in good condition.

F+F winter coat. I had it originally commissioned as a MAM replica. Here it is on the site. I think it originally cost me $126 but I don't remember since it's been a while.

It is missing a pompom which fell off the first day I wore it and got lost so I couldn't fix it. However, it would easily be fixable with synthetic fur (I just never got around to it).

Here it is being worn. And another to show length (I am 163cm)

It kept me warm in 0F temperatures, so it is plenty warm.

Bust: ~100cm
Waist: ~83cm
Length: 110cm
Sleeve length: 60cm
Materials: Wool, Synthetic fur, Satin (lining)

$70 + Shipping
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