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I've got some good things on sale stranger!

Due to this little fiasco I have some things for sale. Please take a look?

Shipping starts at $3 for media mail with delivery confirmation in the US and varies with weight and location. The rest of the world will vary depending on location and shipping service. Pictures can be provided upon request as can links to feedback. I'm willing to haggle a little bit if you're buying several things.

Books are in English except for doujinshi which is completely in Japanese, in good condition, and have been read only once or twice unless otherwise noted.
DVD's are all official Region one releases in original cases which are in good condition unless otherwise noted.

Ah!/oh! my goddess 1-555-goddess $0.75
All new tenchi Muyo vol.1 $2 (western format)
Basara 14 $6
Basara 16 $6
Battle of the Planets
Crying Freeman: Shades of death 1, full graphic novel not one of the smaller comic sized ones $6
Crying freeman: shades of death 2, full graphic novel not one of the smaller comic sized ones $6
eerie queerie 1: $0.50
Gundam blue destiny $4
Gundam: last outpost 1 $3
Gundam wing technical manual (full of information and detailed illustrations about he mechs and their pilots to a lesser extent) $6
Gundam 0083 & Mobile suit gundam 08th MS team Technical manuals $8 for both
Judas vol.4 $5
Kodocha: Sana's Stage vol.2 $2
Kodocha: Sana's Stage vol.8 $8
Peach girl Artbook $5 (English tokyopop softcover)
Sailor Moon SuperS 3 $10
Shirahime Syo, Snow Goddess Tales by Clamp $4 (second printing softcover)

-Yaoi Manga-
Ai no Kusabi novel 1 $5
Our Kingdom vol.1 $1 (some writing in it)
Dear Myself $5
Beyond my Touch $5
Love Bus Stop $6
I'll be your slave $6
Kiss All the Boys 1-3 COMPLETE $18

-Yaoi Doujinshi-
Death note, LxLight, Dead or alive $8 JP queen info http://www.jpqueen.com/onlineshop/productinfo.asp?PID=43942
Death note, LxLight, Karariyanouta $5
Death note, LxLight, Material pleasures $4
Death note, LxLight, Perfect Crime $3.50
Death Note, matsuda L, Natsumatsuri $4 jpqueen info http://www.jpqueen.com/onlineshop/productinfo.asp?PID=78069

Maico 2010 1-4 COMPLETE $13(with dust jackets)
Dot Hack// legend of the twilight boxset COMPLETE $11(new and sealed)
Peach Girl 1-8 first print western format COMPLETE $25 (read several times but no major flaws)

Cowboy bebop (first printing) session 5 $5 some damage to the case insert
Cowboy bebop (first printing) session 6 $5
Human Crossing 1-4 by Geneon (so it's out of print and likely to never be printed again) COMPLETE, a series of short stories about people struggling and finding hope topics range from, incarceration to single parenthood, to murder. $18
The last unicorn (first printing) $5
Midori days 1 $3
Midori days 2 $3
Night Walker midnight detective New in shrink wrap $7
Sailor Moon English DIC DUB: Introducing sailor venus $12
Sailor Moon English DIC DUB: fight to the finish $18
Sailor Moon Super S 6, first printing with reversible over and insert $5

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