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08 July 2009 @ 06:39 am
Bento items!  

Hi! I'm looking for Bento supplies/items. I would like Bento boxes/sets as well but I'm getting a friend to buy me one but I might buy another matching one so we'll see ^^. I wouldn't mind getting bento sets that include boxes and the supplies.  However, my main goal is to get bento supplies.. like items FOR the box and to use to make the food that goes with the bento. (:

I would especially love a bento box set with supplies and multiple boxes with various shapes/sizes!
I would love something like http://fujikochaaan.livejournal.com/5116.html with the sets and the supplies for an extra fee but she's not selling anymore so @_@

I prefer anything cute with blue, black, white. Thanks!

Can also reach me mentality34@gmail.com

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☿✿.:.けっちん.:.✿☿: Bento: lovekecchin on July 8th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
As I said on another post... I live in Japan. ^_^;;; Even better, I also love to go shopping.

I can get a lot of the things on that page you linked quite easily.

Grass - I see it a lot, and while I haven't seen it recently, I also haven't been actually looking. I know where to start looking if you want some.
Egg maker - This one I'm not so sure about. I can look around, but I'm not sure I have seen this one.
Shape cutters - I've seen a lot of them, not sure I've seen those exact packages.
Egg molds - I've seen about 6 different ones, I think. I can look at types next time I go to the store.
Bento box - um. Tons. :D
Bag - Tons!
Chopsticks/cases - TONS!

I've also seen weiner cutters - the things that make mini hot dogs into octopi, penguins, crabs, flowers, etc. I can also find onigiri (rice ball) molds of varying sizes. I've seen nori punches. Toothpicks (usually plastic, with shapes on them).

I see you're interested in blue, black and white... what pattern types? Flowers? Solid colors? Animals/bugs (by bugs, you are probably going to get like, dragonflies)? Something else?

(My weekend is pretty much free, so if you have some ideas and you want me to look around I definitely can.)
Bess & her hinky--dinkssylvir on July 8th, 2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
Omg xD Sorry to impose on someone else's thread... But does that mean you can get me something like http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp40/sparkleblog/bananacase.jpg? I showed my friends and I told them I wanted one, and they all made fun of me for it BUT I WANT IT... D;

BTW, where in Japan are you teaching? Our school has a very nice international program, and we get a ton of exchange students from Japan every year. I'm also majoring in International Business + Accounting and minoring in Japanese... So I hope someday I can work in Japan permanently D; Ahaha... Anyway, enough about me... I am so jealous *___* You must see all these intricate/cute items you'd never see in America .___.
☿✿.:.けっちん.:.✿☿: Shugo Chara: Kukai thumbs upkecchin on July 8th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
I've not seen Rilakkuma ones, but yes. I see plenty of banana cases.

I actually sent two home for Christmas to my dad and brother. ¬.¬ Heehee.

Sometimes I see colors, sometimes only yellow.

I teach in Mie Prefecture. It's pretty much the middle of nowhere, but it's only about an hour's train ride from Nagoya, so I like it.
Bess & her hinky--dinkssylvir on July 8th, 2009 11:23 pm (UTC)
Ah... Most of the exchange students are from Kansai region.

Do you by any chance have pictures of banana cases (yellow, cute design)? And how much do you think it would cost to buy the banana case and ship it (before I actually ask you to go out and get it)?
☿✿.:.けっちん.:.✿☿: Harry Potter: Hermione (potions)kecchin on July 10th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
I don't remember seeing anything with patterns before, actually.

I normally see just plain colors. I will look around this weekend a little more to see if I find anything with a pattern, but I don't remember seeing it. I can buy a plain banana case pretty cheap - I'd probably set a selling price at $3 US.

Shipping wouldn't be too bad, if you want cheap shipping. A banana case is under 2kg, by a LOT! So I can ship for probably around $6. Around. I can get a more accurate price for shipping if I get one of the things in a box and take it to the post office for weighing.
Bess & her hinky--dinkssylvir on July 10th, 2009 02:23 am (UTC)
Ahh~ If you could find one with a Sanrio/etc type design, I'll take it~
☿✿.:.けっちん.:.✿☿kecchin on July 10th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
I'll look ^^
newslover06newslover06 on July 9th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)

here is my bento box

feel free to send me an offer

its new
never used
kawaiitreaures: Lollipop Heartskawaiitreaures on July 9th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
i have a bunch of bento supplies in my journal! let me know if you're interested :)
kawaiitreaureskawaiitreaures on July 9th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
oh, and if you wanted, i live by a store that sells loads of bento boxes, bento supplies, chopsticks, etc. if you were looking for something in particular, i can buy it for you and possibly sell it to you at a reasonable price! :)
p.s. i saw some totoro bento box and a pikachu-shaped bento the last time i was there! (they were a bit pricey though -_-;;)