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JE sale ending, manga and anime sale starting

JE CD sale ends this Thursday (tomorrow!!!), so please come check out what I've got an grab yourself some cheap Arashi, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Tegomasu and Tackey&Tsubasa CD's!


From Monday 13th Jult til Sunday 19th July I'll be having a sale on my anime and manga
(with new books going up this weekend, just in time for it)
so please come and check that out as well next week.

Will ship worldwide, but I do cheap shipping within the UK (where I am)

CD's:  Arashi, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Tegomasu, Tackey&Tsubasa, Orange Range, Last Alliance, High and Mighty Color, WaT
+Arashi Photobooks and Drama's starring KAT-TUN members

Manga:  Claymore 1-4, Figure 17 both, Gunslinger Girl 1-6, Otogi Zoshi both, Rave Master 1-4, Vampire Knight 1-6, Bleach 1-26

Anime: GITS 1st Gig box set, Tokyo Underground 1st series box set, Angelic Layer all 7, Bleach 1:1 1:2 2:1 2:2 3:1, Naruto 1:2 2:1 2:2 +movie, Trinity Blood

plus a load of random bits and bobs
Tags: anime, drama, idols: johnny's, manga: english, music: jpop
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