h& (karma_angeli) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Another jewellery sale~~ ^__^

This will be my last jewellery sale for a while :)
All items from the last sale have been shipped already ^^

Buy all three for $24 + shipping! ^^

Click the cut for individual prices :)

Flying Kitty necklace~ ^^

Credit to the website for these pics! ^^
The actual necklace is exactly like this, but the cat doesn't have a 'X' as it's mouth.

$9 + shipping

Ribbon Heart necklace ^^

This is truly beautiful. I really love this and it hurts to sell this, but I'm moving, so a lot of stuff has to go! ^^

$9 + shipping

Bunny Key necklace ^^

This is so cute in person! :)
It's true to the pics, and really elegant with casual wear :)

$9 + shipping

I take paypal, but have to charge fees, sorry! ;__;

Thanks for looking!!
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