Rexy or Jenny (snarecrazi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rexy or Jenny


Looking for.... 
hey someone had a bjd doll up awhile ago i dont remember which doll it was though.
it might have been a  Delf or AOD. no matter i am looking for any bjd.
i sold all both my yosd and a large superdollfie doll i had to buy pullips and now i miss them.
or even a hujoo doll.
i am wiling to buy them unless you collet pullip/taeyang then maybe we can partial trade.

looking for these manga as well:
rg veda

These are some items i am selling at the moment.
the cds ill take whatever for them.
the custom dal i am open to offers or trade, i also have alot of full stocks i can sell separetly or include with her.
i have hollys which i pictured and other stocks like seirens and jolies.
also have wigs and eyechips.

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