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newtype, animedia, animage magazines for sales

No trade right now. Serious Buyers only
cure February 2006: 3.50 dollars
i have over 30 anime magzines in my journal
such as newtype, pash, animedia, animage, etc

i have also lots of fashion magazines
such as

Vivi february 2009
Vivi march 2008

Camcam march 2008

some JJ

some other fashion magazines in my journal

the pictures are in my journal

all my fashion magazines are 14 dollars for any 3 magazines price included shipping

feel free to haggle the price

free shipping  of 25 dollars purchase

a lot of johnny entertainment items

yamapi/news clipping
arashi clipping
uchi hiroki clipping
news poster
yabu uchiwa

super sale: all anime poster 1 -3 dollar each in my journal

and all the shitajiki is 2-3dollars

all ds game 5 dollars each

Cosmode: 10 dollars shipped

I have gothic lolita bible volume 10

please let me know if you want to see some issues' pictures thats not listed in my journal

every issue are contain patterns or copslay book (depends on either its glm, or cosmo)


Mangas im selling right now
Azumanga Daioh 4 volumes in 1:  8 dollars
Full metal alchemist 1-2          5 dollars for both
hell girl vol 1                          2.75
gintama 1-12                              45 dollars for the set
Special A 1-4                       12 dollars for the whole set
claymore 1-14                        45 dollars for the whole set
Loveless vol. 1                      1.50
La corda de oro vol. 1             3 dollars
Punch Vol. 1-2          5 dollars for the set
Lagoon engine vol. 1      2.50
Brain Powerd  vol 1       2.25
The candidate for goddess  1-2       4.50 dollars for the set
Flame of Recca vol. 11 :  1.20
Wild ones 2, 3              5 for both
Girls got game 1-7        20 for the whole set
W Juliet vol.7               2 dollars
Gatcha Gacha vol. 5         1.50
School Rumble 1,2,4,6       10 dollars for the set
strawberry mashimaro 1-3     8.50 for the whole set
azumanga daioh vol. 3           2.50

special A vol. 4-17               35 dollars for the whole set
special A guide book            4.50
Devil Devil vol. 3, 14              4 dollars for the whole set
Lucky star manga: volume 1-6        25 dollars for the set
Lucky Star Guide Book:                4 dollars
Good morning kiss 1-3                  8 dollars for the whole set  
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9      12 dolars for the whole set
Gundam 00 vol.1-2                        7 dollars for the set
Reborn vol 12-14, 16-17                12 dollars for the set
Katsu vol. 1-2                               5 dollars for the set
Junjou Romantica 1-8                    17 dollars for the set
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3                     5 dollars for the set
d.n.angel vol.6-7                              5 dollars for the set
Touch (from Bunko which means more pages in the manga  vol.11   :  3 dollars
Love com vol. 13-17                         12 dollars for the set     
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6                                  6 dollars for the set
Fruits basket 1-23                            60 dollars for the set
Gentleman alliance  vol. 5,8-10             10 dollars for the set
High school debut vol. 12-13                5 dollars for the set
medaka no gakkou vol. 3                     2.50
chibi maruko chan 3, 4, 15                   5 dollars for the set

more items in my journal
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