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Very Cheap english language manga mostly Yaoi/shonen ai

hi, just an edit to add if you are listed as having something held and are interested still, please let me know. I don't mind waiting as long as I know. If not please tell me, I understand things come up but this way others can have a chance to get the manga.

I have also decided to part with more manga and will try and update later tonight, sorry if this is taking awhile. Also I am sorry to say but sales only to the USA because I don't want to lose more money to the evil paypal fees.

I have tried to update the thread to make it easier to fiquer out what has been purchased. I will be prunning the thread of older replies for coherence. *Four orders have been paid for and have been shipped out. The books that have been purchased  are crossed out on the list below.*

also a small update with a few more books to be added later

"Ichigenme...The First Class Is Civil Law" by Fumi Yoshinaga Vol 1 & 2 $3.50 each <801>

"Can't win with you!" vol 1 & 2 by Yukine Honami Vol 1 & 2 $3.00 each <June>

"Freefall Romance" by Hyoutta Fujiyama <June> $5.00
"Decendants of Darkness" vol 4 $1.00

Edit *since 2 people have asked* If it says from DMP it has purple on it if it is from June it is pink.

I have way to much stuff. Up for sale is a huge amount of Manga from 50 cents and up. The prices do not include shipping (I don't charge handling). If you live in North East Ohio near Cleveland area, you can pick it up to save shipping fees. The books are in English except where noted. Most of my stuff contains drawn homosexuality (usually light yaoi) ANYTHING from KiTTY Media is 18+ Please check to find out what the manga books are about. I am willing to negotiate and also wiling to trade for stuff I don't have. I have updated the books that people have shown interest in but until a deal is paid for they are still available if you want to show interest if the deals fall through.

please email me with at nawlins7 At Gmail DOT com or reply here. I am posting this 3 places, so sorry if you see this more than once.

slashable or shonen ai' ish
“Gravitation” vols 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, EX (vol 1) $1.50 Each (vol10 and EX 1 have been sold others still avail)

“Erie Queerie” by Shuri Shiozu Vol 2, 3, 4 .50 each *possible hold*
“Get Backers” Vol 1, 2 by Rando Ayanine and Yuya Aoki .50 *possible hold*
“Descendants of Darkness” vol 2, 5 by Yoko Matsushita $1.00 each *possible hold*
“Loveless” Volume 2, 3 by Yun Kouga $1.50 each
“Hands Off” Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 $1.00 each *possible hold*
“Demon Diary” 1-7 complete collection by Lee Hun Hee $15.00 for all 7 *possible hold*
“Antique Bakery” by Fumi Yoshinaga $1.00 *possible hold*

Yaoi and Shonen Ai
“The Art of loving” by Eiki Eiki $3.00
“Almost Crying” by Mako Takahashii $3.00
“Loveholic” by Toko Kawai $3.00
“Sweet Revolution” by Yukine Honami $2.00
“Sweat & Honey” by Mari Okazaki $2.00 * YURI * *HELD*
Because I am a boy” Asia Watanabe $1.00
“Yaoi Hentai” volume 1 $1.00
“Kingdom of Selfishlove” $1.00 by Yamila Abraham
“Our Everlasting” Vol 1 by Toko Kawai $2.50
“Jazz” Vol 1, 2, by Tamotsu Takamure $2.50 each
“Close the Last door” Vol 1 by Yugi Yamada $2.50
“Passion” Vol 1, 2, 3, by Shinobu Gotoh $1.50 each (Volume 3 has been sold but other 2 still avail)
“Time Lag” by Shinobu Gotoh $3.00
“Poison Cherry Drive” by Motoni Modoru $3.00
“Kizuna” Volume 1 by Kazuma Kodaka $3.50
“Love Mode” volume 1 by Yuki Shimizu $3.00
“Alcohol Shirt Kiss” by Yuko Kuwabara $3.50
“I'll be your slave” $3.00 by Miki Araya
“Little Butterfly” volume 1 by Hinako Takanaga $3.00
“Picnic” by Yugi Yamada $3.00
“Love Share” by Aoi Kujyou $3.00
“Ordinary Crush” 1 & 2 by Hyouta Fujiyama $3.00 each
“Skyscrapers of Oz” by Row Takakura $3.00
“Thunderbolt boys excite” 1 &2 $3.50 each *great sex* Asami Tojo
“I can't stop loving you!” Vol 1&2 $3.50 each
“But I'm your teacher” by Yoshino Somei $3.50
“White Brand” by Youka Nitta $3.50
“Selfish love” by Naduki Koujima 1 and 2 $3.50 each
“Golden Cain” by You Asagiri $4.00
“Yakuza in Love” vol 1, 2, 3 by Shuko Kano $4.00 each
“Level C” Volume 5 & 6 by Aoi Futaba $4.00 each
“Scandelous Seiryo University” vol 1 by Kazuto Tatsukawa $4.00
“Desire” by Maki Kazumi $5.00
J-Boy By Biblos” Vol 1 Yaoi anthology 350 pages $5.00
“Great Place Highschool” by Naduki Koujima $5.00
“Love Recipe” Vol 1 by kirico higashhizato $5.00
“Say Please” by Kano Miyamoto $5.00
“Dog Style” vol 1 by Modoru Motoni $5.50
“Crimson Spell” vol 1 &2 by Ayano Yamane $6.00 each
“A Foreign Love Affair” by Ayano Yamane $7.00 <801> *possible hold*

“Necratoholic” by Maguro Wasabi $7.00
“The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy” by Youka Nitta $7.00 <801> *possible hold*

Other Manga *not yaoi or shonen ai*

“Case Closed” by Gosho Aoyama .50 *detective conan* *possible hold*
“The World Exists for me” v1 Chiho Saittou X Be-Papas .50 *Utena Artist*
“Trigun” vol 2 by Yasuhireo Nightow .50
“cowboy bebob shooting star” vol 1 .50
“Trigun Maximum” vol 1 & 2 .50 each
“Evil's Return” vol 1 by Jong-Kyu Lee .50 *held*
“High School Girls” volume 3 by Towa Ohshima 1.50
“Ruroni Kenshin” volume 1 by Nobuhiro Watasuki 1.00
“DN ANGEL” Vol 11 by Yukiru Sugisaki $1.00 *held*
“Wallflower” by Tomoko Hayakawa Vol 1, 2, 8 $1.00 each
“Genjuno no seiza” vol 1 by Matsuri Akino $1.00 *petshop of horrors artist* *HElD*
“Clamp School Paranormal Investigators” by Clamp Vol 1 *Novel with few manga pictures $1.00 *
“Gals” vol 2 by Fuji Mihona v2 $1.00

* FREE* must pay shipping costs sent media mail
Weekly shonen Jump manga telephone books in JAPANESE... I have about a dozen of these books from 2001 and 2002 that include Hikaru No Go, Naruto, Prince Of Tennis, and Bleach. Would be perfect for someone just learning Japanese. Many have color pages or pull out posters.They are heavy but I thought I would offer them free before I sent them to the recycling center. You can ask for as many as you like or can have them all.

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