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sale: Kozi Live Collage DVD, M10M limited editions + extra

Hi guys! I urgently need money for university so i'm selling this, if you don't like the price please make me an offer! i'll consider it!

I'm from Mexico but I ship from California, USA. I only accept paypal. Princes include shipping within USA, international please add 2$ more. If you need any photos please ask!

Moi dix Mois

CD and booklet are in mint condition. The case has a few scratches but nothing serious. With obi.

Beyond the Gate Limited Edition
Sealed. I used it just once. Includes case, sticker, booklet, shibuya AX concert mini flyer and the cd in perfect condition.

NOCTURNAL OPERA first limited edition
Sealed. Used it twice. CD in perfect condition, includes the slip-case for the limited edition.

Dialogue Symphonie Single
Case has a few scratches but nothing serious! CD and booklet are intact, includes obi.

DIXANADU Faited raison d etre Europe tour 2007 DVD
Case is in very good condition, almost perfect. CD has a few scratches but it plays perfect. Little booklet in perfect condition.

Kozi Live Collage DVD
We all know how hard is to get this one. It's not sealed, the case is in good condition, it has one "hard scratch" at the back and the front cover (the paper) looks a littttleeee bit used but that's because the plastic bends the paper a little. The inside it's in perfect condition and the CD has two minor scratches but it plays perfect!
I don't know how much to ask for this, so please make an offer.

If you are interested, have any questions or need photos, please ask me.

You can see my ebay feedback here:

Thank you!
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