interestinglive (interestinglive) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have some manga up for trade or sale as well as some other things in my journal.

Manga for trade/ sale:

@ Large v. 3
By the Sword v. 1-2
Chronicles of the cursed sword v.2
DragonBall 1
DragonBall z 1,4
Eagle v. 18
Element Line v.1
Elemantal Gelade v.6
Elf Quest v.3
Gundam Seed (novel 2)
Hikaru no Go v.1
Lagoon engine v. 1
Les Bijoux v.1
Moetan 1-2
Ragnorok 1-2
Rica 'tte Kanji
Silent Mobius
Tacttic v.1
Under the Glass Moon 1-2
Until the Full moon  v.2
Wild 7 v.6
One Piece v.2
Battle Royale v.1


Hate to Love you
Love is like a hurricane v. 1
Hybrid Child
Our Kingdom 1,2,4
Virtuoso Di Amore
Sweet Revolution
Yellow v.2
Selfish Love 1-2
Playboy Blues v.1
I can't Stop Loving you 1-2
innocent bird 1-2
Just my Luck
King of Debt
Thirsty for Love
God of Dogs
Words of Devotion

Wish list

Banana fish 4+
Black Knight 4+
Black Lagoon 3+
Blood + 1+
Boy Princess 7+
Claymore 5+
D. Gray-man 13+
Dog Style 2+
Don't Blame Me 1+
Don't Say Anymore Darling
Fairy Tail 2+
Foreign Love Affair
Glass Sky
Hitman Reborn 1+
Hunter x Hunter 9-11, 13+
Ichigenme 2+
Junjo Romantica 6+
Kiss All The Boys 1,3
Kurosagi Corpse delivery Service 3+
Laugh Under The Sun
Let Dai 1+
Love Mode 9+
Love Pistols 5+
Loveless 6+
Naruto 6, 12, 14+
One Piece 8+
Peacemaker 6+
Rurouni Kenshin 14, 22-23, 25-28
Saiyuki reload 9+
Samurai deeper kyo 4+
Shaman King 5+
silver diamond 3+
Switch 4+
The Moon And Sandals 1+
Tough Love Baby
White Brand
Wild Adapter 6+
Yakuza in Love 1+

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