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Selling English Manga

Hello everyone! :D

I'm currently selling a lot of manga over at my journal [info]xwickedxlovex that I don't read anymore and they need a good home, or homes lol. Most of them are as low as $4 when bought by itself or $3 in sets and prices are no higher than $6 on a few certain manga, mainly yaoi XP. Please help me out, I decided to sell because of some financial instability just like everyone else. Anywho on to the info: You can click on any genre you want or on the main link to the post. My feedback from LJ is here! My Amazon.com Feedback is in the post under "Shipping Info, Payments Accepted, How To Order, & Other Info" Be sure to read everything before commenting, as in the rules and such in the beginning of the post. Happy Shopping~! :D
Tags: manga: english
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