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selling manga & jrock cds.

hi there. :3 I'm trying to get rid of some of my manga. condition is listed below & prices are negotiable.
I'm up for trades; here is my want list:
orange planet 1
pita ten 5, 7,& 8
cherry juice 2, 3, & 4
absolute boyfriend 3&6

for sale;
meru puri 1-4 [perfect condition, like new] $6 shipped each
death note 1-12 [perfect condition, like new] $6 shipped each
full moon 1-7 [very good condition] $5 shipped each
12 days [good condition, bought as used] $4 shipped

CDs [regular edition, no DVD. all in excellent condition, some cases have cracks but CDs have not been played more than twice and are perfectly scratchless.]
YUI - tomorrow's way single - $8 shipped
an cafe - cherry saku yuki!! single - $17 shipped
an cafe - ryuusei rocket single - $17 shipped
an cafe - gokutama rock cafe album, JP version - $25 shipped
an cafe - maple gunman single (rare) - $25 shipped
an cafe - gokutama rock cafe album, EU version - $23 shipped
an cafe - candyholic single (rare) - $25 shipped
an cafe - kakusei heroism single - $17 shipped
an cafe - shikisai moment album (rare) - $27 shipped

prices for CDs are negotiable, but for manga is not. D:

I accept paypal and concealed cash ayor. for CC paypal, you must pay the fees.
located in the US. prices include shipping for US only. trading valid for US buyers only.
US buyers preffered, but will ship internationally, you must pay shipping fees.

thank you~

&& 100% positive feedback here. :3
Tags: manga: english, music: jpop, music: jrock
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