sakura212 (sakura212) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Reposting of sales.

After a hard long month of moving, I have finally settled in so its nice to take a break.. Unfortunately in the process though I did get a large amount of money stolen so I need to make up as much as I can.
If interested in any items, feel free to make an offer. Again, many do have prices, but they can all be negotiable.
Eveything on my site does not have a price, so please make offer as well. Im looking for around $1-3 on the binsen, and shipping will be $1 in the US for them, unless total reaches $20, then shipping will be free. As for the shitajiki section, look under photobucket for what I have left. I never got a chance to update that part of the site.

All other items, If total reaches over $15, shipping will be free. If not, shipping will usually range from $3-5. I did close down my geocities account so I am not sure for how much longer the site will be up so take advantage to view items.
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