honeyheavenly (honeyheavenly) wrote in garagesalejapan,

anime figures, castlevania exclusive, sailor moon figures

trying to get rid of figures i no longer want...

  if you don't like the price, make an offer!

1.story image figure, $3 + shipping
2. story iamge fighter chick, $3 + shipping
3. love hina swimsuit figure, $3 + shipping
4. galaxy angel figure, $3 + shipping
5. galaxy angel figure, $3 + shipping, or $5 +shipping for both figures.
6. please teacher swimsuit figure, $3 + shipping
7. anna tekken figure, $3 + shipping
8. story image figure, $3 + shipping

castlevania limited preorder package for nintendo ds game. , there is a small tear on the box, other than that it is in perfect condition. these are just extras, the game is not included.  $20 + shipping
castlevania 8-bit pre order figure, new in box, $15 + shipping
get both castlevania items for $30!

sailor moon petite figures, $10 each or $16 for both+ shipping. Jupiter does not have her card.
i only take paypal. if you have questions or need additional pictures, comment!

Thank you!
Tags: anime
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