Rexy or Jenny (snarecrazi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rexy or Jenny

small sale

Ill take the price listed or best offer.
i am accepting trades.
Will ship outside the US
all leftovers will be thrown in as freebies
please reply here or send me a pm.

Chobits dvd 1-2 and 4 $15 or best offer for the set
ccs tomoyo and sakura notebook and 2 notepads $3-6
everything else in pic not available

god of war game not sure what its worth dont own a console to play it anyways
Dolls (milch dal)
pullip stock pieces $2-7 each
pullip stock, eyechip and wig box $40
Jun planning fliers $1 each or bet offer for lot

Doll wigs fit pullip, dal, byul, taeyang, some msd and sd bjd
sizes 7-8, 8-9 and one 9-10, $4-12 each
doll eyechips $2-4 each
Tags: !modwarn, dolls: general, stationery
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