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Lots of new stuff!

 Terms: I will combine shipping on multiple items. I will ship internationally. I only take Paypal. 

Trade Options: PSX or PS2 games - American and Japanese, Xbox360 games - Especially Blaz Blue, Japanese Kera or Gothic and Lolita Bibles, English Swan manga vol 12-14, Xbox360 wireless internet adaptor


Featured Item!
OOAK Utena and Anthy custom Tiny Tin My Little Ponys 
will not split set! 
$35 + shipping 


English Manga $6 each or $25 for 5 volumes 
Free gift for everyone who buys 3 or more volumes from me! 

Strawberry Panic Vol 1-2 
Strawberry Panic light novel #1 (not pictured)
Utena Vol 1-3 
Fushigi yugi Genbu Kaiden Vol 1-3 
Negima Vol 9-11 
W Juliet Vol 6-14 


Millennium Actress 
Japanese Audio, English Subtitles 
$8 + shipping 

Pretear complete series boxset 
Japanese/English Audio, English Subtitles 
$25 + shipping 

Excel Saga DVDs Vol 1-5 (not pictured) 
Japanese/English Audio, English Subtitles
$9 + shipping  each or $35 + shipping for the set

Sanrio lot : Kuromi hand bag & puffy key chain, Hello Kitty puffy key chain, holographic key chain, 4 new hair ties (2 pink, 2 red), phone charm, 2 buttons, 1 pin 
$8 + shipping 

Magazines $5 + shipping each
1.) Electronic Gaming Monthly June '06 - Nintendo Revolution (Wii) and Twighlight Princess Issue
2.) PoJo's Collector Card World June/July '00 - Monster Rancher, Sailor Moon, DBZ Issue
3.) Japanese Haruhi magazine December '06

Purses $6 + shipping each
Ying Yang, Red Dragon or Asian style purse


Yugio lot: 9 Japanese cards, 75 English cards, English rule book, Egyptian card binder, Yugio deck tin 
$15 + shipping

Pokemon card lot (83 cards) - first movie cards, Burger King cards and more. No TCG cards!
$5 + shipping

Magic the Gathering deck and 3 bonus cards
$4 + shipping

6 Japanese Deathnote cards - $4 shipped

Japanese Utena cards - $10 shipped

Japanese Negima TCG cards - $8 shipped


FLCL 3 CD set $10 +shipping
Princess Mononoke soundtrack $5 +shipping


Bomberman & Trace Memory DS - $8 + shipping each
Yugio Dark Duel stories GB Color - $3 + shipping
PS2 double controller USB adaptor - $4 + shipping (note: I could never figure out how to make this work)



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