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JRock magazines, The Gazette "Nameless Liberty Six Guns" DVD Promo Version, PIERROT/Kirito goods

Selling the following magazines~ Many come with free VK flyers!

KERA 11/08
Neo Genesis #25 - An Cafe Cover/Ryutarou (PT) Back Cover
Neo Genesis #32 - the GazettE cover/Niya (Nightmare) Back Cover
SHOXX 7/08 - the Gazette Cover
SHOXX 6/08 - Nightmare Cover
SHOXX 4/07 Nightmare Cover
Arena 37C 12/08 - UVERworld Cover
Arena Act 15 - 8/07 - 16 page Nightmare feature, + Miyavi, Yomi, Sakito
CD Data Bonus Mag "Auction Data" - T.M.R Cover Feature
purple SKY Fall 06 issue - MUCC Cover (English Mag)
CHU Magazines Issues 2 & 3 (Kanon Cover) (English Mag)

Magazines can be found Here

Rare European Promo Version The GazettE "Nameless Liberty Six Guns" 2 DISC DVD SET - Here

Posters: Nightmare, Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) - Here

PIERROT Rare Goods:
Tourbooks, Fanclub magazines, photobooks, clothes, fanclub goods, posters, etc. - Here
PIERROT Posters: Here

Worldwide Shipping!
Thanks ♥
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