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Sailor Moon Doujinshi Sale

Hey all~!!!

I've got the total for postage for my recent purchases from Celga, and its a bit more than i thought, so i am doing ADVANCE Sales for the Copies i have previously advertised in my journal.

( )

if you are the buyer, as soon as they arrive here, i will ship them straight out to you!


If not enough people are interested, i will NOT list this on ebay! the prices below are an idea if i sell it to one person.

If there is Interest, i will List the Reverse Doujinshi with a starting price of $15.00 AUST.

I've decided to also put the two Reverse/A's Collection in a set and sell them.

So you Know there's got to be love, Silver and Gold dance. Reverse/A's Collection. $45.00 AUST. not including postage. I'm willing to negotiate the actual price IF Postage/delivery starts to get too high... message me your Country/postcode to work the postage out.

Love and Friendship. Hello World. $10 AUST. If you are interested, Message me your country/postcode and i will try to work out postage.

Enjoy and dont forget it's limited time only!!!! :3

Cheers Oni.

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