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LOOKING TO buy or trade for a POKEMON DS GAME I don't really care which, so long as it's cheap, so if you have one and are willing to sell hit me up...? Thanks.

feedback. (before my rename)

FOR SALE. (Inuyasha, Naruto, FMA, MARS, Detective Conan, FLCL, Whispering Corridors, Wolf's Rain, etc)
-PSone/2 + gamecube games
-other merch (playing cards, keychain)

-I accept paypal, concealed US cash & postal money order. (postal money order for purchases over $30)
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted (if you are international; shipped prices will have a little added on to them for the further distance).
-Shipping is calculated if you give zip code; I do sell/ship internationally.


Whispering Corridors Korean Horror, *worn on cover slip, R - $10

Inuyasha season one limited collector's edition w/Inuyasha's Rosary box set (5 DVDS) - $55 (shipped)


FLCL vol. 1&2 - $3 each.

MARS vol 5, $3

Inuyasha vol 1, 2, 3 - $3

Inuyasha vol 5 ANIMANGA - $2, Japanese vol 28, 36 - $2

Inuyasha ANIMANGA (Japanese) Movie 2 vol.1&2 set - $10, Movie 3 vol.1&2set - $10

Case Closed vol. 1&2 - $3 each

Naruto, 1-8, 11-12, 15, 19-20, 26 - $75

FMA Artbook - $15 (Traditional Chinese, Taiwanese publication)
FMA magazine vol. 5 - $15 (Japanese)


Inuyasha psone game (Japanese dialogue, US release) - $5
Naruto PS2 game (Japanese, no cover) - $5
Star Fox game - $4

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $21 [shipped]

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $21 [shipped]

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $21 [shipped]


Kikyo, Sango figurine - $4 each

InuYasha, Miroku figure - $3

InuYasha, Kagome figure - $5

has box* Temari gashapon - $7

all naruto gashapon is $7 each and comes with box, little character fold-out, and (only some for this) a piece of ramune candy; unless otherwise noted.

(hinata, sasuke, itachi, sold.)

(young itachi, young sasuke, haku sold.)

large sakura fig. $5 (comes with box), chibi-Sakura fig. - $1, Hinata figure $7, Itachi&Sasuke figure - $9 (comes in orignal packaging), Sasuke stamp - $1


Inuyasha OST 3 - $13 (shipped), Inuyasha Movie2 OST - $13 (shipped), DC Movie OST - $15 (shipped), FMA PS2 angel game OST $13 (shipped).

[Itachi + Sasuke Poster]
Naruto Posters - $12 each (shipped)

official posters, glitters. $13 each.

Casshern Sins/Yuya Endo & Hirofumi Araki (Prince of Tennis) - $8 (shipped)

Pandora Hearts/La corda d'oro: secondo passo - $8 (shipped)

Valkyria Chronicles/07-Ghost - $7 (shipped)
*this post has two very small rip on the bottom, ask for pic


Inuyasha playing cards - $2, Inuyasha keychain - $2

Naruto stickerbook (Chinese release), comes w/one naruto stickersheet. *NEW*/never been opened - $3

Naruto Sasuke & Sakura keychain - $5 (shipped)

Sasuke trading card box. $2

Hairband/scarf set - $6

akatsuki cloak, size large, $55 [shipped]

Sasuke armbands, official product, comes with ramune candy - $5

2006 Uchiha Sasuke White Day gift, comes in original plastic and box. Includes card, and a phonestrap that has a bracelet attached. - $15

any questions/etc e-mail me at taishonagisa[at]msn[dot]com if you do not feel comfortable with commenting.
all doujinshi prices include SHIPPING in the US; international is an additional $5 each.

Title: Gyu!
Circle/Artist: Keep Dry/Kou (+Kapa, novel portion)
Genre: romance/humour
Language: Japanese
Pages: 26 (some novel)
Size: A5
Publication Date: 2008年09月14日
Pairing: America x England
Price: $26

Title: Stray!
Circle/Artist: Keep Dry/Kou (+Kapa, novel portion)
Genre: romance/humour
Language: Japanese
Pages: 28 (some novel)
Size: A5
Publication Date: 2008年01月25日
Pairing: America x England
Price: $26

if you'd like to make offers, go ahead. they will be considered greatly. &if you want sample scans feel free to ask for them.

thank you for looking. :D
Tags: anime, doujinshi, manga: english, manga: japanese, movies, music: other, posters, toys, video games
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