666khai666 (666khai666) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Visual Kei Shoes for sale~!!!

Gothic Lolita Shoes

I'm desperately trying to sell my shoes for my trip overseas~
They're also a little big for me so that's why I might as well sell it...

They're in excellent condition and very disappointing that I've only worn them once.

They look good with lolita dresses and Japanese rocker's style.

They have a platform sole and a length of 26.5cm.

Although the heel is 8cm when measured, it's actually not that steep since its got a platform of around 4.5cm.

I would like to sell it for $60 AUD (excluding postage) but it is negotiable.
For postage prices, please let me know which country so I can give you a price.

Please take a look at my ebay listing if interested!

Or simply comment on the post and ask for my email.

P.S. I can take more pictures for you if you'd like.
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