Tina (liltichan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone on this community collects the Gundam Seed Destiny Cardrass cards ( or if you know anyone in general) I am looking for anyone to trade with.

I am also selling two of the regular sets of teh 1st cardrass set. 35 dollars each set ( shipping included) and it comes with 96 cards. if noone is interested I'll put them up on ebay instead. remember this does not include the HR cards or SP cards

You can check out my feedback on my EBAY PAGE
I accept paypal, money orders, cashier check, and well concealed cash
I do Priority Mail and First class if requested. Airmail for Interntional bidders too

Please comment if ineterested in trade or the card sets. thank you for your time ^_^
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