artemis051 (artemis051) wrote in garagesalejapan,

New Updates!

...New Gothic Lolita Kuromi and Sweet Lolita Melody items up now!
...New Limitted Eddition San-x Rilakkuma Relax Bear items posted! New bags and accessories!
...New hand bags and totes!
...Stationary from all over!
...Jewlery wrold wide anime manga and art books posted now!
...Dir en grey: a knot of and Gackt Diablos dvd for sale!

Spring/ Summer Fashion Sale!
Get a ton of items for under $5!
New fall Fashion released now!

Promos: All Promos End Nov 1st!

Christmas special:
Christmas is around the corner!
SHIPPING for small enveloped items takes 2-3 weeks MAX
All boxed items takes 4-6 weeks MAX
to be sure you have your items on time please make all christmas special orders by NOVEMBER 1st to insure you get the item by christmas!!!!
If you make an order after that date i can not garantee the items will arrive on time!

Pick up to 13 items up to $5 each from my shop and its yours for $40 shipped WORLD WIDE!
Over 160 items to choose from !!!
I will also include:
1 bag of candy
one gift box
and small freebiess from the shop

...Get 3 packs of japanese 3d nails for $30 shipped worls wide!

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