Lillith Mizer (silentsecret428) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Lillith Mizer

Direct sale; double decker boots.

Well I bought two pairs of Double decker boots;whom are located in Japan... and am in love with them...
But since shoe conversion is so over the place no matter WHERE i buy them, one pair is too big for me.

They would suit neogothic or the aristocratic style especially since they have that little bump at the end of the shoe.

The shoe size is size 41; 26cm ?
They are black coloured; 10 hole lace up boots with oil resistant soles; which are also black!! They also have zippers on the side for easy access; convenience i guess and yes, they are lace ups.
and will be shipped in the same box i got them in (I had them shipped in EMS so the box is perfect condition!)

~:: PICTURES ::~
The lights in my place are...really yellow and dim, so i'm going to show you to the site's pictures. If you want me to prove they are real and stuff ask me so i can fiddle around with the software that died all night until i get it working again.

I have ebay feedback under the name 'celestialshijt' for those considering.

~:: SHIPPING ::~
Shipping will be with EMS so they arrive in the condition they left in; or registered airmail; which in my experience is also rather good.

These shoes will be shipped from Australia so shipping might vary; and they *are* heavy.

I accept payment via paypal, international POSTAL money order or bank transfer.
For paypal transactions, i require an extra 4% + $1 (the dollar is to transfer it into my bank account) to cover fees and such.

I would like to get a decent price for these.
Please start your offers from $50.

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