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Selling some manga/WTB

$3 Manga Sale

I really want all of this stuff gone. If you have anything on my wish list then I might consider buying it.
I accept only concealed cash at the moment. >.< sorry. (and I do accept trades.)♥
Assume that all manga is $3unless otherwise stated.

Chobits 1,2
Hot Gimmick -8, 10, 12
Nightmare Inspector 1
Ranma 1/2 vol 3
Fushigi yugi vol 1,2
Forest of Gray City vol 1
Gacha Gacha revolution 1
Walkin' Butterfly vol2
Papillon vol 1 has some damage on spine
Moon Phase vol1,
Snow Drop vol1
D.Gray-Man vol7
Full House vol2 cover is bent

I have a magic knight rayearth artbook 2  if anybody is interested. I forgot to take a picture.

Urusei Yatsura - Perfect Collection - book is falling apart pic1 pic2
Japanese Memo pads $5 each $8 together.

Miracle Girls vol 2, 3
Moon Child 11
Venus in Love 2

Tower of the Future 8
Suki 1 $4
Kodocha 1
Gestalt 1 $4
Parasyte 11 $5

Alone in my Kings Harem $5
Dear Myself $5

An cafe is sold.
Balzac - 2disk -Out of the Grave and Into the Dark (Misfits Records) $6

Elite Beat Agents$8
Naruto Ninja Council 3$4
Naruto Path of the NInja $4
Nodame Cantabile$8

All 4 games for $20

I also have Rhythm Heaven and Advance wars for sale $15 each.

Gackt red, blue (viz release) $20 for both and $11 each

Please tell me if you're not interested in an item anymore.

Sorry if I respond late. >____<
I'm located within the US , and will only ship within the US.
Shipping depends on how much you get. :D Usually if it's manga I can ship it from $2 to $5
If we're doing a trade I expect that you send first, unless you have feedback somewhere.
I can take more pictures upon request,
I have some feedback here

Things I would trade for/ maybe buy...:

Antique Gift Shop 9+
After school nightmare 1+
Black Jack 1+
Emma 1+
Honey and Clover 5+
High School debut 6+
Heavenly Hocky Club 1-3, 8+
Parasyte, 4+ (del rey editions)
Ouran High School Host Club 1+
Otomen 1+
Reborn, 3,4,6,8+
Shaman king 9-10, 25+
Sugar Sugar Rune 2,3,5
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 9-13, 16+
Yotsuba&! 3 (adv published)
Your and My Secret, 5+
- (or just show me what you have. :D)
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