Big Pimpin' (reppu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Big Pimpin'

If you want it, just take it!

New books added to the list! Almost any offer accepted!

I'm moving back to school in five days, and there's no way I can take all this stuff back. If it doesn't sell here, I'm throwing it away!! Think of that when you make offers. Everything is in English unless marked otherwise.

1. Shonen Jump 1-24 (Just pay shipping and you can have all of them Please take these away from me!).

2. Seto Kaiba American Starter Deck (missing instructions, but has three Blue Eyes White Dragons).

3. Huge Peacemaker Kurogane posters Looks like this, but without all the extra writing. 36x24 inches (I have two left)

4. Candidate for Goddess (by Yukiru Sugisaki) Complete set vol.1-5

5. Legend of Chun Hyang by CLAMP

6. Yami no Matsuei manga #2 in Japanese

7. Wolf's Rain #1

8. Kagerou Nostagia by Satomi Kubo

9. TokyoPop Sneaks 2004 vol.2

10. TokyoPop Takuhai vol.1

I'm kinda open to trades, so make an offer, but be ready to pay if need be. I trade for yaoi or anything listed below:

*Witch Hunter Robin series

*Yaoi manga featuring these artists:

-Youka Nitta
-Kisaragi Hirotaka
-Yamato Nase
-Taishi Zaou
-Masara Minase
-Touko Kawai (I really want "Bondz" if someone has it)
-Kazuma Kodaka
-Shinri Fuwa
-Yoshinaga Fumi

*Yaoi doujinshi from these series

-Yu Yu Hakusho (Kurama/Hiei)
-Getbackers (Ban/Ginji or Juubei/Kazuki)
-make an offer

I have every yaoi English series except Kizuna 3. I accept any form of payment, including paypal, Money orders, checks, and cash. Just contact me.
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