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Selling doujinshi! I live in Japan guys, so I've got access to a lot of stuff... If you like any specific genres, pairings, what-have-you, please let me know and I'll keep it in mind on my next trip to the store. I accept paypal, but not credit card payments through paypal--sorry! Also, I've never sent doujinshi before, so I'm estimating shipping to be about $5. I'm going to lay that as a flat rate for each one but the Gackt/You this time.

12 Years After
Harry Potter Doujinshi - Remus/Sirius. $10

Express Post Owl
Harry Potter Doujinshi - Lots of shorts, comedy, and sketches. $9

Monsieur Dessert (back)
Malice Mizer Doujinshi - Gackt era. Some YukixKozi action, also the members drawn as superheroes. o.o $12

Forget me not
Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Frodo/Aragorn. $9

Vintage (back)
Gackt Anthology Doujinshi - Gackt/You pairing through it all. This is heavier than most, and thicker. I'm sorry, but shipping will be $10. ^^; The doujinshi itself is $15.

Gogo A HP
Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Based on the movie. Also has the 1up mushrooms from the Mario brothers... ^^; $10

Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Sam and Frodo blowing on some pipes, and some rather cute Aragorn/Legolas. $10

kaeru choco otona kai (back)
Harry Potter Doujinshi - The art in this is very cute and different. There are three stories by different artists. $12

Ryou no Shiori
Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Some beautiful art in this, and also some small comedic bits. $10

Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Some FrodoxAragorn pwp. Very. $12

Little Boy Blue
Malice Mizer Doujinshi - Some intricate artwork. $10

Marmalade Days
Harry Potter Doujinshi - Sirius/James, from their school years. Also features Peter and Remus, of course. Very shounen ai. $12

Midnight Children
Harry Potter Doujinshi - Perhaps my favorite art out of them all. $10

One Book
Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - $9

Harry Potter Doujinshi - Ron/Hermione. $9

Magadoki o Yuku
Lord of the Rings Doujinshi - Comes with a postcard featuring the cover art. $10


Woo, a lot, ne? If you're interested in any, please email me: aeslis at yahoo dot com. Any requests? Suggestions? Also, this is based on a first come, first serve basis! So if you want them, please email me immediately!
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