Kathy★キャシー (katokathy) wrote in garagesalejapan,

NEW Shop ~ S&K Designs

I'm closing my design sales post on LJ and opened a website with zazzle for more efficiency and quality. Without the hassling of me personally buying shirts and making them (especially if it's out of stock or the iron-on transfers do not last long enough after washing). Zazzle is a website that provides quality shirt designs by myself.

With large selections of colors and different top styles, you can now choose which one you want with the preferred design. Prices will vary depending on the colors and shirt styles. (darker colors are a bit more pricey). It is still a new site but I'm in the process of making more items such as stationary, caps, accessories and bags with original artwork. Feel free to leave comments on the wall with suggestions of more characters you'd like to see!
Also a couple of magazine clippings/pin-up posters etc. of Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN located here.

Tags: fashion: general, idols: johnny's, music: jpop, stationery
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