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looking to trade/sell

recently ive been really into trading my manga and anime dvds that im sick of or no longer have an intrest in for ones that i really want.
what ive mostly been looking for now adays is Pet Shop of Horrors. not the tokyo version but the orginal one. so far ive only been able to get my hands on volume one. on ebay and amazon book prices can be really expensive seeing as its no longer in print.

so im looking to either buy it from somewhere for cheaper or trade for some of the manga and dvds that i have. and if i cant do that then sell what i do have to buy the series myself.

Angel sanctuary vol. 1-condition good- price $5
Chrono Crusade vol.2,3,4- condition Very good- price $10 each
Crescent Moon vol.1- condition like new- price $ $10
Eerie Queerie vol.2- condition good- price $5 
Fruits Basket vol.1,4,5,6,7,8,9-Condition vol 1 Acceptable- price $5
Vol. 4 Very good- price $10
Vol. 5 Very Good- price $7(pages are a little yellowed)
Vol. 6 very good- price $10
vol. 7  very good- price $10
Vol. 8 very good like new- price $12
vol. 9  good- price $5

There is more to post but this is all i have time to put up. i'll post the rest of what im selling/ offering to trade when i have more time. let me know if your intrested!
before i forget. Shipping insurance is not included unless asked for ahead of time. I usually ship by media mail which runs about $3. so be sure to include shipping in your payment if you decided you want to buy.

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