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Selliing: CardCaptor Sakura SETS, Various anime and manga, and MORE...!

Hey there, GSJ! I've got lots of things up for sale, so please pop by and take a look at what I have to offer!


✖ Prices INCLUDE shipping!

✖ I can only ship inside the USA.

✖ I can *ONLY* accept payment by postal money order! If this makes you wary in any shape or form, PM me here on LJ or send me an e-mail, and i'd be more than happy to link you up to my feedback posts from here on LJ *and* on e-bay. :)

✖ I PREFER TO SELL THESE THINGS IN SETS! However, I want really do this stuff gone! But please keep in mind that I am currently unemployed, so keep your offers (on items marked as such) reasonable!

✖ Feel free to inquire further on anything else the pictures might not show! I won't bite. :3

Here's to hoping you find something you'd like in this post~!♪


✖ Cardcaptor Sakura : A (NEARLY COMPLETE) set!!! I am hesitant to sell these, but alas, I need the cash. To my remembrance, I have every single volume here save for "Winter Wonderland (Vol. 9)", and the first movie. All of these are in great shape, (some even come with their original postcard inserts!) with the exception of volume one, which has some sort of a scratch. I'd toss that one in for free.

Here's another shot of them all together from the side...

I am TAKING OFFERS on these wonderful DVDs. I *STRONGLY prefer* to sell them in a set, but if i get reasonable offers to break them up, then I might be able to do so.
I am also selling the entire CCS manga set! Please look for that below! ♥

✖ Negima! (Complete series, original first set of DVDs released!) - All 6 DVDs for $35 Shipped
✖ Full Moon (Vol. 1-3) - $25 Shipped for all 3
✖ Rozen Maiden (Vol. 1-3 FULL SET!) $25 Shipped for all 3 (loosely on hold, but feel free to inquire!)

✖InuYasha (various volumes) + All 4 Movies - $45 Shipped for ALL!

✖ Various Anime DVDs - MAKE OFFERS!

☠ MANGA! ☠

✖ Cardcaptor Sakura COMPLETE SET - MAKE AN OFFER! Same applies to my above post about the DVDs. Would hate to see these go, but I'm sure someone else could love them more than I. All are in great reading condition, though the first 4 volumes or so may have a few loose pages here and there. Nothing is torn or missing, however. A really fun read, and the first 6 volumes are tough to find over here in their original "chix comix" format...!

✖ Tokyo Mew Mew & Tokyo Mew Mew: A la Mode - $35 Shipped for WHOLE SET!

✖ XXX-Holic (Vols. 1-3) - $20 Shipped for all 3
✖ Pretear (Vols. 1-4 COMPLETE SET) - $25 Shipped for all
✖ Anything else here is $6 Shipped each

✖ Neon Genesis Evangelion: "Angelic Days" - $25 Shipped for all (plus old ver. of Eva vol. 4!)
✖ Ai Yori Aoshi (vol. 1+2) - $10 shipped for both
✖ Fushigi Yugi (vols. 1-3) - $15 shipped for all 3
✖ Anything else is $6 Shipped each

✖(Mermaid Melody) Pichi Pichi Pitch (vols. 1-5) - $25 Shipped for all
✖ Anything else is $6 Shipped each


✖ (DS) Pokemon Ranger - $15 Shipped.
✖ (GC) Looney Toons "Back In Action" - $10 Shipped
✖ (PS2) InuYasha "Secret of the Cursed Mask" - $10 Shipped
✖ (PS2) Gran Turismo 3 "A-Spec" - $10 Shipped
✖ (GC) Spyro "Enter the Dragonfly" - $10 Shipped

✖ Sega Saturn Games (I don't know the first thing about these, they came in a lot my sis bought) - MAKE OFFERS!

☠ MISC! ☠

http://ghostmuffin.livejournal.com/38818.html <--- Non-anime DVDs, some CDs, and other stuff can be now found HERE! :)

Feel free to ask questions! Either ask here, or feel free to jet me an e-mail at ghostmuffin[at]gmail[dot]com~ (No, Hammy is not for sale. ;D Sorry!)

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