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03 October 2009 @ 09:32 am
kra, kagrra,, brq/kannivalism and sid ♪  
I really need some money for my apartment, that's why I am selling some of my stuff. ;;♥ I hope to find somebody who will treasure all this stuff. ♪

Check it out!!! ♪

♪ shipping from Germany.
♪ paypal or german bank transfer.
♪ about the price:
- 1€ = 1,5USD
- calculated with the original price at zeitzonen.de if I bought it in Japan. Stuff I bought in Germany is a little bit more expensive. ><
♪ no shipping included. Be aware that magazine can cost up to 10€.

hev'n (19pages kra special + comment cd) 5€
peace& smile tour special 8€
shoxx (ps company vocal special incl poster) 8€

the pamphlet is taken from the miyako dvd box and incl 6 pages of each member.
Size: A5, top condition. --> 20€

opened chaplin single 5€
ritori single incl dvd 12€
humority mini-album 12€ HOLD!
pamphlet 25€

Hoshi no Miyako 20€
Otegami Single incl DVD (A) 12€
(sry, without postcard!!)

a)  b)
a) otegami postcards 5€ 'cause I had to buy all 3 version of otegami to get this set.
b) photoset 3€

p.s. I also have a lot tenimyu-photosets from 2007/2008. 5€ each set! 
(Deleted comment)
It´s all about passion.mishi_chan on October 4th, 2009 09:25 am (UTC)
I'll post the photos later at tenipuri_myu. ^^

But maybe you already can tell me some actors you like?
I've got photosets of: rokkaku, higa, 4th cast seigaku, kimeru and d-boys: araki + nakagawa.