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Looking for

I'm looking for a couple of specific things (heavily dependent on prices, however! And I probably won't buy them all in one go), so please, show me what you have!

--any Angel Sanctuary merchandise I don't have (I have 95% of my collection here and while I... kind of doubt many people in the U.S. having stuff I don't happen to have at this point, it's always worth a shot before breaking the bank on Yahoo!Japan), particularly clearfiles/teleca/stuff licensed by Movic, also, Parfum Extrait 0 merch
--Sailor Moon gashapon from series 1 and 2 (my sister has Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter... she just needs the rest! XD)
--After School Nightmare vols. 1-4
--possibly Sailor Moon manga, depending on condition/price

Unfortunately at this time I can only pay by concealed cash, however, I have positive feedback here.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: wanted
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