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Selling Anime, Manga, Videogames, Furoku, Merchandise, etc.

This is my revamped selling page - I've added loads of items (need to help the household pay for every day expenses)
Offers will be considered - especially with bulk purchases.
DVDs are region 2, games are PAL where region coding applies
The prices are now in GBP and do not include postage and freebies are limited to one per purchase. Trades will be considered.
Finally, paypal is preferred.
Images upon request
All manga are now £3!

Ah! My Goddess
DVD vol.1 £3
Manga - Terrible Master Urd
Belldandy exclusive pin-up £3
Organic Misuzu Figure £25
Manga 6-10 £12 for all
Manga 8-16 £24 for all
Kon Plushie £4
Clamp no Kiseki vol. 1 £12
Code Geass
Book Cover (Furoku) £3
Pencil Board (Furoku) £3

Death Note
L Nendoroid (Like New, 3 heads, 2 bodies, extra arm, armchair) £8
Stationery Paper - 6 sheets for £2
Foil Cards £1 for 3
Wallet (Used Like New, has Chibi of L on inside and "How to use it" text on back) £4
Promo poster £2.50

White Innocence Box (display box, J-Mini, Bromides, Bromide Holder) £14
DN Angel
Manga 3-10 £20 for all
Mini artbook £3 *or free with CDs*
Final Fantasy
Crisis Core Cloud Play-Arts Figure (New and sealed) £14
FF7 Yuffie Play-Arts Figure (boxed) £7
FF12 Balthier Play-Arts Figure (boxed) £7

Advent Children keyrings (Sealed - Cloud, Tifa, Loz and Yazoo available) £2 each
Fruits basket
Fanbook neko (Cat) £2
Sticker Collection (some stickers missing) £2

Fullmetal Alchemist
Manga 1-17 (missing 14, 1-3 are Holo editions) £35 for all
Novel 1 (Land of Sand) £3 *Free with full manga set purchase*
Cosplay Watch in tin (just a prop - doesn't tell time) £3
Envy keyring £2
Anime Profiles book £3
Anime artbook £5

Gashapon Figures (Mustang, Hawkeye, Ed, Al, Winry and Ed available) £3 each
Full Metal Panic!
DVD 1 (Used - Very good, Includes reversible cover and poster insert) £3
Legend of Twilight Manga 1-3 £5 for all
Haibane Renmei
Rakka Figure £15
Action Figures:
Sango and Kirara £6
Limited Human Inuyasha £8
Shippo Gashapon £2
Kagome Gashapon £2
Miroku Gashapon £3

Kirara Purse £4
Kingdom Hearts
Doujinshi Anthology (English language, by Anticx) £8Manga KH1 Boxset (1-4 in artbox) £15
Manga KH:COM Boxset (1-2 in artbox) £10
Kingdom Hearts 2 Limited Edition Guide (wisdom version) £15
Kare Kano
Manga 1-2 £5 for both
Mars Daybreak
DVD volume 1 with LE Tin (contains magnets and soundtrack CD - Region 1) £4
Sakura Plushie (with tags) £4
Kunai cosplay prop in gift box £3 (£5 for Kunai + headband)
Naruto Leaf Village Headband £3 (£5 for Kunai + headband)
Kakashi Bag (strap can be adjusted) £10
Ouran High School Host Club
Manga 1-4 £10 for all
Phone Charm (Usa-chan snowglobe) £2
Tamaki Creme Perfume ("Snow" scent, comes with usa-chan pouch - Opened to inspect but never used) £17
Notebook (Hunny and Haruhi on inside pages) £4
Origin: Spirits of the Past
DVD £4
DVD 4 £2
DVD The Shinkai Collection (Contains Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in our Early Days and an art/interview booklet - Region 2) £8
Manga 1 £2
Vampire Knight
Manga 1 £2
Metal phone charm £4
Manga 1-4 £10 for all

New items:
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Set (Starter Set (LE Amp box + Stickers + Pick + volume 1,2 &3) £25
Tokyo Cosplay Paradise £7
Ouran Furoku Large Picnic mat £7
Ouran Rare Clear file £5
Japanese Banana skin keyring (yellow version) £2 (or free with purchase over £10)
One Piece Note paper (16 sheets) £2 (or free with purchase over £10)
One piece Mini pencil board Nami £1.50 (or free with purchase over £10)
Tactics large letter paper (2 sheets) £1 (or free with purchase over £10)
Hikaru no Go note paper (7 sheets) £1 (or free with purchase over £10)
Pinky Street figure (sunflower and bellbottoms) £4

Persona 3 FES (PS2) £13

Dragonball Z volume 1
Neo sampler
PS3 sampler disc
Pokemon door hangers
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