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Manga, anime, magazines, ect!

Shipping starts at $2 for media mail in the US and varies with weight and location. The rest of the world will vary depending on location and shipping service.Most Pictures are in my photobucket album here: http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n137/Ashenfairy/LJsales/ but any others can be provided upon request as can links to feedback. I'm willing to haggle a little bit if you're buying several things.

Books are in English unless otherwise noted except for Doujinshi which are all in Japanese, in good condition, and have been read only once or twice unless otherwise noted.
DVD's are all official Region one releases in original cases which are in good condition unless otherwise noted. Please be aware that it take me about a week to ship after I get payment, my schedule is very busy so that's the fastest I can generally get things done.

Ah!/oh! my goddess 1-555-goddess $0.75 or free with any order over $5
All new tenchi Muyo vol.1 $1 (western format)
Basara 14 $6
Basara 16 $6
Battle of the Planets $2
Cardcaptors "cinemangas",still shots from the anime with the story in captions 8 & 9 $4 for both
Confidential confessions 2, wear to the covers $2
Futaba-Kun Change 1 (ranma type comedy trade paperback not the single comic goes for $15 on amazon) $6
Judas vol.4 $4
Peach girl Artbook(english tokyopop softcover) dust jacket is dirty and scuffed inner book is fine $5
Uzumaki 1 reprint black cover $4
RPG world, unlikely hero out for adventure (from the webcomic) $2

-Yaoi Manga-

Beyond my Touch $5
Boy Princess 1 $3
Dear Myself $5
Eerie queerie 1 $0.50 or free with any order over $5

Embracing Love 1 $35
Embracing Love 2 $ Make Offer
Embracing Love 3 $50
Embracing Love 4 $15
Or buy all four Embracing Love for $175!

I'll be your slave $5
Our Kingdom vol.1 $1 (writing inside)
Random Japanese yaoi, hard $1

-Yaoi Doujinshi-
Death note, LxLight, Dead or alive $8 JP queen info http://www.jpqueen.com/onlineshop/productinfo.asp?PID=43942
Death note, LxLight, Karariyanouta $5
Death note, LxLight, Material pleasures $4
Death note, LxLight, Perfect Crime $3
Death Note, matsuda L, Natsumatsuri $4 jpqueen info http://www.jpqueen.com/onlineshop/productinfo.asp?PID=78069

Crying Freeman: portrait of a killer 1 & 2, full graphic novels not the smaller comic sized ones $11
Crying Freeman: Shades of death 1,2,3 full graphic novel not one of the smaller comic sized ones $15 All 5 crying freeman manga for $24 (1 short of the complete set)

Dot Hack// legend of the twilight boxset COMPLETE $11(new and sealed)
Maico 2010 1-4 COMPLETE $10(with dust jacets)

Peach Girl 1-8 first print western format COMPLETE $25 (read several times but no major flaws)
Shaolin Sisters 1-5 COMPLETE $20

Cowboy bebop (first printing) session 5 $3 some damage to the case insert
Cowboy bebop (first printing) session 6 $5
Human Crossing 1-4 by Geneon, so it's out of print and likely to never be printed again COMPLETE, a series of short stories about people struggling and finidng hope topics range from, incarceration to single parenthood, to murder. $18
The last unicorn (first printing) $4
Midori days 1 $1
Midori days 2 $1
Sailor Moon English DIC DUB: Introducing sailor venus $12
Sailor Moon Super S 6, first printing with reversible over and insert $5

Magazine back issues:
back issues of game informer these all have bends in the corners and other wear, but aren't missing pages or falling apart $0.50 each or take them all for $5 +shipping (which would be around $4.50)
September 05 Def jam and fight night cover, first look at RE 5 dirty cover
June 02 TOny Hawk 4 on the cover preview for warcraft III dirty cover
September 03 Max Payne 2 Xenosaga 2 preview
June 03 Spiderman 2 cover reviews for aria of sorrow & RE:Dead aim
November 02 Starcraft Ghost cover reviews for house of the dead III and wid arms III
August 03 Gran Turismo 4 cover Review of Knights of the old republic
September 02 grand theft auto vice city cover warcraft III: regin of chaos review
April 03 Jak2 civer Review for the LOZ: the WindWaker
October 02 Devil May cry 2 cover vice city preview dirty cover
July 02 The getaway cover preview of the wind waker
October 05 Crack down cover loks like my cat shewed the corner of this one so it's free with any other mag
November 05 Superman cover technically jsut a clever ad, but a pull out poster for shadow of the colossus
July 03 Champions of norrath cover first look at halo 2
may 03 counter-strike cover

Play magazine November 2002 Rachet and Clank covers anime, toys and movies as well as games $.50
Aniamerica may 2002 ronin warriors cover missing the poster free with any other magazine
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