Sometimes I just want to shoot myself... (tataru) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sometimes I just want to shoot myself...

Just re-posting items that haven't sold.


1. X/1999 Movie VHS (dubbed in English) - $2 SOLD
2. Misc Sailor Moon stickers and cards - $8 for the whole set (note: it's A LOT of stickers and each are the size of a card)
3. Sailor Moon door hangers (2 available) - $7 each
4. X/Clamp playing cards - $2 HOLD?*
5. Kiki's Delivery Service Jiji Plushie (about 9-10 inches tall) - $15
6. Slayer's poster (a pullout from Newtype Dec. 2003) - $0 just pay for shipping because I want to get rid of it.


1. Dir en Grey Gauze (bootleg) - $7
2. Dir en Grey Kisou - $8 HOLD
3. L'arc~en~ciel 7 DVD (all region) - $14 SOLD
4. Malice Mizer ??? DVD (bootleg)(I can't read kanji! It's mostly Klaha and there's a bonus track in the end with Gackt.) - $14


1. Fruits - $15 SOLD
2. Arena 37c May 2005 featuring Gackt, Glay, TM Revolution, Orange Range, Miyavi and more. Poster included. - $12 SOLD
3. Arena 37c July 2005 featuring Rag Fair, Miyavi, PaniCrew, TM Revolution and more. Poster included. - $12


1. JTHM vol. 1 - $1
2. Lenore vol. 1 - $1
3. Dark Angel - $1
4. CD Wallet (holds twelve cds and has slots for PS2 memory cards) - $10
5. South Park playing cards - $5

*I'll provide pictures as soon as the batteries recharge.

Payment methods:

Paypal only please. Shipping is about $3-5 depending on where you live and I do combine shipping. I'll ship the items on Friday so let me know if you are interested in any item listed above. Not satisfied with the price? Comment or e-mail me at twitches13@yahoo and we'll work on it. I'll put items on hold for you for a few days at most unless you need me to hold it longer, you must tell me so. Thank you for checking!

*Um, the person who wanted this hasn't replied to my e-mail yet. I don't know if you still want it.


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