♪lovegonemad (glitterdays) wrote in garagesalejapan,

£15 Neo Genesis£12 Shoxx£13 Fool's Mate£6 Kerrang!

PayPal Only!
Prices include shipping, packaging and PayPal fees!
Magazines do not contain posters as they have already been sold or given away to friends
(I wasn't planning on letting these magazines go so suddenly!)
Every magazine is in perfect, if not near mint, condition.
Issue of Shoxx is missing a page from the adverts which has been very carefully pulled out.
Left to Right:
Fool's Mate January 2008
Fool's Mate March 2008
Fool's Mate August 2008
Shoxx vol 188
Neo Genesis vol 22
Neo Genesis vol 24
Neo Genesis vol 26
Neo Genesis vol 29
Kerrang! issue #1245
For more information, artist listings, questions or to make a purchase please go here.
My feedback post is also located here!
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