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amine, manga, artbook, etc.

Kai Doh Maru anime dvd vol.1(?) -$10 (encluding shipping) - never watched
Mars manga #2-4 -$15 (encluding shipping) - read once
inu-yasha manga #4 and #7 -$10 (encluding shipping) - read a few times
yu-gi-oh manga #1 -$4.50 (encluding shipping) - read once
paridise kiss manga #1 -$5 (encluding shipping) - read once
Spirited away vhs -$10 (encluding shipping) - never watched
D. N. angel anime dvd vol. 3 eps. 18-end -$7 (encluding shipping) - import, watched once

i only ship to places within the U.S. and i only accept cash money orders and checks. sorry, no paypal and no trades.
also, if you would like to buy anything or have any questions, please E-MAIL ME! (if you want something you MUST e-mail me, it's the only way to make sure i get your message)
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