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KERA Shoes, Heart E handbag & heaps of jrock flyers that have to go!!

Got heaps of new jrock flyers that I have to get rid of!! Alice Nine, ViViD, ScreW, 12012 & more...

All flyers $1.00 (all prices in Australian Dollars) - Shipping FREE within Australia, Flat $3.00 international :)) All shipping is combined ^^ take a look under the cut for more details! Concealed cash welcome! (at your own risk) :)

Authentic Heart-E Japan White/Pink Heart Handbag have reduced to AU$39.95
Just added: KERA JAPAN shoes - unisex gothic platform @ ebay.

(Click the photos to make them larger)
(all photos read left to right)


Set 1

Reira x1 sold out
Liz x1
Megaromania/Nega (Double sided) x3
Megamasso x2
Zoro (core) x2
Chariots x8

Set 2

The Kiddie x2
Heartless x7
Vel Bet (Double Sided) x6
Tokyo Shitei x4
Venus  x1
Velgreed x2

Set 3

ViViD x1
ScreW  (x-rays) x 5
Vega x5
Ego-is-t x6
VanessA - x2
Jewel x2

Set 4

Gakido x3
Toon Factory x2
Alice Nine (hana) x1
Laevatain x2
Sex Machineguns x3
Deathgaze x Cocklobin (double page flyer) x2

Set 5

Gilltia x2
The Vambie x1 sold out
Dog in the Parallel World Orchestra x1
Misa ruka x4
Legion x3
Ziggrat x2

Set 6

Heidi x1
ReivieR x1
Utsusemi x1
Wizard x1
xTripx x3
Lycaon/Juliette (double sided) x2

Set 7

(from left to right)

Deluhi (type 1) (portrait) x3
Deluhi (type 2) (landscape) x5
Depain (type 1) x3
Depain (type 2) x2
D=OUT (type 1) (aoi tori) x2
D=OUT (type 2) x1

Set 8

Dis-Marionette / 08012209336 (double sided flyer) x4
12012 (type 1) x 1
12012 (type 2) (usubeni to ame) x6
the Baddies (type 1) x2
the Baddies (type 2) x1
Downer (type 1) MP~in heavy metal x1
Downer (type 2) x1 sold out

All payments through PAYPAL ONLY (c/c & non c/c welcome), concealed cash  welcome (at your own risk) I'm not liable if it goes missing so please make sure that it is secured well)
I will ship the item out 1-2 business days after payment is cleared. (excluding weekends)
Serious buyers only please!!


If wanting to purchase please leave these details in the comment and i will answer as soon as possible!!:

Email address:
Flyers (please list with set number, band & quantity) :

Thank you for looking! ^^

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