Ysa (mikaela_angel07) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[SELL] Random Sell Post

Please give these stuffs a new home.

I am selling:
-- Girugamesh Poster
-- Byou of SCREW Original Digi Photo (Racial Mixture release)
-- Garish Room 07
-- Vinyl Syndicate Vol 13 with 12012 and Jun Kaname on Cover
-- Neo Genesis Yearbook 2007 cover the GazettE (complete with double sided posters of all artists featured in the magazine)
-- TV Guide 2008.08.02-08 with Arashi on Cover
-- Shoxx Vol. 195 with Nightmare on Cover (sold with POSTER)
-- Arena37C Special 2009.03 with Ryu Siwon and Gackt on Cover
-- duet 2009.02 with Hey! Say! JUMP on cover (complete with double sided poster and drama booklet)
-- Orista 2008.04.20 issue with Kanjani8 (complete with Hey! Say! 7 booklet)
-- Fool's Mate 2009.04 issue with the GazettE on cover
-- the GazettE Distress and Coma Sticker
-- Random JE Pictures (KAT-TUN, Jin Akanishi, Tomohisa Yamashita and Kamenashi Kazuya)
-- Random Fliers and Postcard (JRock/VK [despairsrays, the underneath, vamps, girugamesh, moran, satsuki, chariots, 12012, plastic tree] and anime (age of aquarion, one piece, xxxholic, d-grayman, moonlight mile, black cat], Yoko Ishida live in concert)

More Info: http://mikaela-angel07.livejournal.com/280303.html

Thank you!


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