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21 October 2009 @ 10:35 am
Selling Manga  
Hi there. I'm selling a few mangas for a friend and myself, and I hope that someone will take interest in them. Please be polite enough to let me know whether or not you're still interested in an item once you've inquired about it. I've had a few people make offers then disappear. So please don't do that. Here's what I have so far:

Museum of Terror vol. 1 (SOLD)

Chocolat vol. 1 - $4 (shipping not included)

King of the Lamp - $2 (shipping not included)

Basara vol. 1 - $5 (shipping not included)

Wish 1-4 complete  - $20 shipped

Vampire's Portrait volume 1 (yaoi)  - $6.50 shipped

****Rare, cheap price for full set**** Challengers 1-4 complete (yaoi) $32 shipped (volume one is in good condition, the rest are in very good/like new condition)

Absolute Boyfriend 1-2 - $3 each (shipping not included) or $10 for both shipped

Both the "Challengers" set and "Vampire's Portrait" are being sold for a friend, so I can't negotiate those prices. Email me with questions. Also, I have feedback here. It's mostly buyer, but all positive nonetheless. 

Anyway, thanks for taking a look~!