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Askeladden, also called Boots

GL Bibles + Other (repost)

Reposting the things that didn't sell.

I'm looking to sell my Gothic and Lolita bibles.

I have Volumes 2 and 3 for $20.00 each, shipped.

I bought most of these at secondhand stores while in Japan, but all are in good-mint condition, and include all their patterns.

Also for sale:

Kera Magazine - $18.00, shipped.
Card Captor Sakura artbook - $20.00, shipped.
Suikoden shounen ai doujinshi - $10.00, shipped
DiGi Charat window cling - $3.00, shipped

HunterXHunter trading card game deck (Japanese) - 10.00, shipped
One Piece trading card game deck (Japanese) (I have two of these, one blue-backed and one yellow) - 10.00, shipped.
(These are complete decks for use in play.)

I also have several books I picked up in Japan:

Hiragana no Hon
This is a little book for learning hiragana. The style is a lot like the traditional "A is for Apple, B is for Bird". It's a cute book, and very useful for picking up vocabulary, I just have no use for it. Asking $10.00, shipped

Chironuppu no Kitsune - This is a traditional folk tale written for children, and is very easy to read even for a beginner at Japanese. It's a sweet, sad story, and has the prettiest little illustrations. Asking $15.00, shipped

Illustrated poetry - This is a book of illustrated poetry about wildlife and flowers. It has lovely paintings throughout. I love this book, but somehow managed to get two copies and don't need both. Asking $15.00, shipped

I'll accept paypal (CC or balance), money order, or a personal check.

I was going through my bookcases yesterday and found a whole bunch more stuff, but I haven't time to put it up now. Soon, I promise!

Please take a look at my selling page and over at for some other manga of mine.

That's it for now!
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