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Manga for sale~

$4 Manga Sale

I really want all of this stuff gone. If you have anything on my wish list then I might consider buying it.
Assume that all manga is $4unless otherwise stated.

Please tell me if you're not interested in an item anymore.

I'm located within the US , and will only ship within the US.
I accept only concealed cash at the moment. >.< sorry. (and I do accept trades just show me what you have.)♥
^ Please make sure you write down the correct address. D: I'm not responsible for anything that get's lost in the mail.
Shipping depends on how much you get. :D Usually if it's manga I can ship it from $2 to $5
If we're doing a trade I expect that you send first, unless you have feedback somewhere.
I can take more pictures upon request,
I have some feedback here
and on Mangatude
Tags: manga: english, music: jrock
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