kawaii ♥ shopping (ninas_closet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
kawaii ♥ shopping

selling manga

Aishiteruze Baby Vol.1-5
Alichino Vol.1-3
Angel Diary Vol.1-3
Bird Kiss Vol.1-4
Boys over Flowers Vol.11, 12, 15
Bring it on Vol.1-4
Caged Slave
Cain Saga Vol.1-4.5
Confidential Confessions Vol.2
Crazy Love Story Vol.1-5
Crimson Hero Vol.1-5
Devil does Exist Vol.1-11
D.N. Angel Vol.1
Here is Greenwood Vol.7
Host Club Vol.1-6
Juvenile Orion vol.1-5
Kare First Love Vol.1-6
Kekkaishi Vol.2
King of the Lamp
Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol.1
Let Dai Vol.1-3
Loveless Vol.1-4
Love Mode Vol.1-2
Neck and Neck Vol.1-2
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol.1-3
Peacemaker Vol.1
Princess Ai Vol.1-3
Saikano Vol.1, 6
Shirahime Syo
Snowdrop Vol.1-12
Tokyo Boys and Girls Vol.1, 2
Ultra Maniac Vol.5
Sweet and Sensitive Vol.1-2
Wallflower Vol.1-8
Whistle Vol.8
W Juliet Vol.7
X/1999 Vol.1, 2
XXXHolic Vol.1-7

find them here

Tags: manga: english
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