Rosalyrica (asagi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling: Kuroshitsuji & Gundam 00 items.

* Gundam 00 - Tieria x Lockon Doujinshi
* Gundam 00 - Tieria I-Doll
* Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian x Grell Doujinshi
* Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Prop Plus Figure

Please note:

- I accept PayPal ONLY. Please send payment to
- Shipping cost is included in the prices.
- I'm located in the U.S.  I will ship overseas but it may cost a little more for shipping, depending on where you are.
- If interested, please comment with the item(s), your paypal address, and country.
If you prefer not to post those details here, you may also private message or e-mail me at the address above.

Gundam 00

Tieria x Lockon (Lyle) Doujinshi "etranger" - $15 shipped

Tieria I-Doll - $14 shipped
Includes stand which talks when you press the button.


Sebastian x Grell Doujinshi "RED ZONE" - $15 shipped

Sebastian Prop Plus petite figure - $13 shipped
Stand and pocketwatch included.

Tags: anime, collectibles, doujinshi, manga: japanese
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