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Torchwood Doujinshi For Sale

I am selling 2 Torchwood Jack/Ianto Doujins

$5 shipping to Canada/USA,  $7 shipping to anywhere else, Combined shipping available
Paypal only
All prices USD
I am willing to place items on hold, for more info PM me here or email me at:

Title: Next Go Round
Circle: non*sugar
Pairing: Jack x Ianto
Rating: G to PG
Language: Japanese
A5   16 pages All Manga
Price: $22

Title: Shakin' the Earth
Circle: non*sugar
Pairing: Jack x Ianto
Rating: G to PG
A5  16 pages
All Manga
Price: $22

Sample page from NGR

The circle does not sell through a Japanese doujin store nor does it allow mail orders at the time. These 2 titles were also sold out at the last event they attended. They are beautifully illustrated and are real collectibles for those devoted Ianto/Jack shipper or Torchwood fan.

Tags: doujinshi
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