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24 October 2009 @ 01:00 am
Selling Undercode New Year Event Tickets  
First off, this is for a concert in Japan, so if you're not going to be in the country don't bother reading much further - and please, don't comment saying how you wish you could go, I need to sell these tickets desperately so I can attend another concert instead.


I have two tickets, through a small service, for Undercode's New Year Count Down event at Kinema Club (2009年12月31日(木)~2010年1月01日(祝) 東京キネマ倶楽部).
I haven't paid them off yet, so it'd be a matter of you recieving an invoice from the person that has bought them from me.
The total is 16890yen.

Then the rest would be in your hands, so to speak... Here is the band list and other information about the concert:

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION初の関東カウントダウンイベント!!
『首都制圧 2009~2010』
終演時間4:00予定 再入場可能
愛狂います。/chariots/spiv states(JUN&伊織-ex.Phantasmagoria NEW BAND)/ネガ/平成維新 /ClearVeil/ダウナー/E'm~grief~/ Megaromania/Arc/ロットマン(苓-Daliプロジェクト-)/ν[NEW]/Zip.er/カル・ヴァリ/ジュリエット/Lycaon/己龍/Synside/Hi:BRiD/花少年バディーズ
水風船(Vo:総長 G:ケエト-Dali- G:YUKKIE-平成維新- B:善-平成維新- Ds:成華-ClearVeil-)
Toshiya-(Vo:儿-ネガ- G:SAN-ネガ- G:美沙麗-Megaromania- B:Toshiya-Arc- Ds:零也-chariots-)
THE GREEN(Vo:えみる-愛狂います。- G:希-ClearVeil- G:ルビ-愛狂います。- B:Ko-ich-カル・ヴァリ- Ds:いずみ-ex.ジュリエット-)
地下線ハミ出し組(Vo.タカフミ-ex.Marvelous Maiden- G.Kei-ex.brodiaea- B.コウキ-ex.Яe:sK- Ds.姫雛-ex.Anjyu'-)


If you are interested either comment here, contact me via LJ message or send an IM over AIM to harajuku station. Thanks a lot for looking.