fullmetal989 (fullmetal989) wrote in garagesalejapan,

JE for Sale!

I will be moving soon, still have a ton of JE stuff on sale at my journal.

I have lots of JE magazines (Duet, Potato, and Wink Up) going for $5 each excluding shipping fees.

Official shop photos are going for $2.75 each except for rare KAT-TUN Real Face photos ($3 USD each).

Official concert goods are on sale including posters, uchiwas, and clearfiles:
Kamenashi Kazuya Dreamboys 2007 and 2008 posters
Kamenashi Kazuya Queen of Pirates 2008 poster
NEWS 2007 Taipei poser
NEWS 2007 Spring poster
Akanishi Jin ckIIyou 2007 con uchiwa and etc.

JE Calendars (brand-new and used)
NEWS 2007-1008
NEWS 2006-2007

Please check out my journal for more details: http://fullmetal989.livejournal.com/8668.html

You can find feedback at my journal and garagesalejapan
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