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fushigi yugi "oni" box - $10 - never watched(missing the cover slip) {HOLD}

spirited away vhs - $5 - watched once

how to draw anime and game characters vol. 3 daily actions - $8 - never read

final fantasy 9 artbook - $10 - read a few times(has a little bent spot in the bottom right corner)

yu-gi-oh! manga vol. 1 - $5 - never read

inu-yasha manga vol. 7 - $6 - read a few times

dragon purse (encludes a matching wallet inside) - $7 - never used

inu-yasha manga vol. 4 - $6 - read once

mars manga vol. 2-4 - $17.00 - read once

(import) D.N. angel dvd vol. 3 (eps. 18-end) - $7 - watched once

Argenosoma dvd vol. 1 - $6 - watched once

Kai Doh Maru dvd vol. 1 (?) - $8 - never watched

blue and red silk crane pillow cover - $8 - never used (has a small snag in the back)

paridise kiss manga vol. 1 - $6 - read once

I’m trying to raise money for YOUMACON so I cannot afford to trade at this time this is paying for my ticket and the rest of my cosplay outfit and other funds for it.

I will ONLY sell to the US and I can only take for payment: Money Order, Personal Checks or USD(at own risk)

I WILL take PAYPAL(as a last resort), but I will have to let me friend know so she can take care of it, but you will have to add 75 cents to cover the fees

I will not mail out items until payment is recived, if you want something please comment here or e-mail me at:
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